How to install Cygwin on windows 7

Cygwin is a Linux/Unix – like environment for windows.

Steps to install Cygwin:

  1. Download Cygwin setup.exe file from:

    Note: Download 64-bit installation is you are using 64-bit operating system else download 32-bit installation.

  2. Once downloaded, run the executable file (setup.exe) to begin the installation.

  3. Click on next.

  4. Choose install from internet and click Next.

  5. Enter preferred root directory and choose install for all users (or just me).

  6. Enter a temporary installation (Local package) directory and click next.

  7. Set your Internet Connection to Direct Connection and then click Next.

  8. Choose any download site and click next. If in case chosen site is down or not responding then select any other site to download.

  9. Once downloading is completed, it will ask you to select the package to download, by default it will download all the packages. Select the required packages or download all the package (default) and click next.

    In case download is incomplete then the interface will go to step 8, from there you can select another download site and start processing on installation.

    Downloading and installation of the selected packages/all packages will be started after clicking on next.

  10. You will get the option to create icon on the desktop and add icon to start menu, choose both and click on Finish.

    Now you can check that Cygwin terminal is installed and can be accessed via desktop icon or by star menu shortcut.

    Check you will get desktop icon if you have chosen Create icon on Desktop.

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