Lord Krishna reflects on how worrying about the future is unnecessary

On the basis of past experiences we imagine the joy and sorrow of the future.
To eliminate future sorrow we make plans today.
But Tomorrow’s hurdle if planned for today, does it benefit us or harm us?
We often overlook this question.
The truth is that a problem and its solution are born together. For both man and nature.
Isn’t it? – Think of your past..
Look at history..
You’ll realise that whenever a problem arises so does its solution.
That’s the way of the universe.
Therefore, a problem is the reason for the birth of the solution.
when every person emerges out of a problem then he would’ve progressed a step further.
He’s wiser.
He is high on confidence.
Not just for himself but for the world, as well.
Isn’t it?
In reality..
A problem is an opportunity.
To change oneself.
To broaden our views.
To make our soul stronger and more enlightened.
The one who is able to do so, never faces any problems.
But the one who fails to do this he is himself, a problem to the world!
Think about it.


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2 Responses to Lord Krishna reflects on how worrying about the future is unnecessary

  1. Sushil Madnani says:

    I am thinking that why to think about it, if I still think about it that means I still want to think about my future.
    All I know that, I am enjoying reading your post at present.
    Keep posting… 🙂

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